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St Andrews Golf Course – The Oldest Golf Course In The World

st andrews golf course

While no one knows the first time golf was played at the St. Andrews Golf Course, it is still considered the oldest golf course in the world. The old golf course has a very rich history that you won’t find anywhere else. For over 600 years, yes I said 600 years, golfers from all over […]

A Brief Overview Of The Antique Golf Putter

antique putter

When the 20th century hit golf started to become a popular past time again. More and more people became interested in the game and there was a new found interest all over the world. Since then the popularity of the sport has grown exponentially. Millions of avid golfers are allured by the art of putting. […]

4 Keys For Searching For The Perfect Used Golf Driver

antique driver for sale

When looking for the perfect used golf driver there are a few things you need to keep in mind. You will be presented with a lot of options so be sure you know what you are looking for before you get started. So here are 4 keys for searching for the perfect used golf driver. […]

Dispelling The Top 2 Myths About Online Golf Stores

antique golf clubs online

Let’s face, not everyone is comfortable with making purchases online. Especially high ticket items such as golf clubs and other golfing equipment. Buying these things online can be extremely scary because you don’t know if you will get what you see on the screen. And unfortunately there are a lot of horror stories of people […]

Everything You Need To Know About Building A Collection Of Antique Golf Clubs

collectible golf clubs

If you want to build an amazing collection of antique golf clubs you probably know its not as easy as some would have you to believe. There is a lot you need to know about all things golf before you can be a successful collector. So before you pull out your wallet and start spending […]

Antique Golf – Restoring Clubs, Bags, Balls

antique golf

Just looking over different blogs on antique golf accessories. Found a pool table themed on golf, which I thought was pretty interesting to see. Antique golf club restoration video that I found was also pretty good. That is why I put together this article to show you that there are so many different fa-sits to […]

Building A Collection Of Hickory Golf Clubs – The Ultimate In Antique Golf Clubs

hickory golf clubs

Are you interested in antique golf clubs? Does your interest extend far beyond just collecting into actually playing with said antique golf clubs? If so you will love Hickory golf clubs. If you do your research you will find there are quite a few different organizations that coordinate tournaments where you are required to play […]

Ben Hogan Golf Clubs

ben hogan golf clubs

Ben Hogan golf clubs have been around for over 40 years. And even though hundreds of new golf clubs have come along over the years, none of them can challenge these golf clubs. They set the standard in excellence and in quality. But the company isn’t just known for their golf clubs. They are also […]

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